Wally Bags 42 Inch Shoulder Strap Bag

  • Wally Bags 42 Inch Shoulder Strap Bag
    Wally Bags 42 Inch Shoulder Strap Bag
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    Over the shoulder made easy. The Wally Bags 42-inch Shoulder Strap Bag keeps clothes neat and wrinkle-free in an extremely lightweight garment bag.This type of garment bag fits the niche between a simple hanging garment sleeve with little to no pocketing and a full-fledge garment bag with multi-pocketing on an interior sleeve and on the exterior. The Wally Bag offering here bridges the two styles into a garment bag with two large pockets on one side for shoes and accessories and holds up to six suits or dresses.The garment bag is easy to carry-on on most large passenger airliners by lying flat in an overhead compartment. Use this type of garment bag in conjunction with a typical upright suitcase and keep your fine garments wrinkle free and cared for. The shoulder strap garment bag comes with the patented WallyLock(R) hanger clamp so your clothing stays on the bracket without coming off and ending up in a wrinkled mess at the bottom of your sleeve. This invention comes from the Wally Bag company, the inventor of the legendary Wally bracket seen in many garment bags throughout the world.
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