Baggallini Neighborhood Bagg

  • Baggallini Neighborhood Bagg
    Baggallini Neighborhood Bagg
    Luggage And Bags
    The Baggallini Neighborhood bagg is a lightweight mini-messenger that packs a punch and a tablet too!With smart pockets, the Neighborhood Messenger keeps even the most active woman traveler organized through any train station, custom's checkpoint, or airline counter. The front flap has a magnetic closure for easy access to essentials and you'll love the smart soft-lined pockets that have an attractive contrasting color to make it easy to view contents. Baggallini's prowess at choosing their contrasting lining colors comes from a sincere love of creating the perfect handbags. They love designing their bags inside and out.In the main compartment, the interior offers a plethora of pockets and sleeves perfect for glasses, a cell phone, camera, keys, guidebook, and best of all, you can house your tablet investment in a padded technology pocket that is ten by eight inches in size.The 52-inch fully adjustable shoulder strap means you can wear the Baggallini "bagg" across the body or over the shoulder. The perfect carry-on companion, the Neighborhood Messenger is good around the yes, neighborhood at home and in the districts of Paris too.
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