Travelpro Platinum Magna 25-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter

  • Travelpro Platinum Magna 25-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter
    Travelpro Platinum Magna 25-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter
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    Frequent flyers who demand durability in their luggage agree, Travelpro Platinum Magna 25-inch Expandable Suiter Suiter offers the toughness needed to withstand the airline luggage handlers. And now, Travelpro backs up their lifetime warranty with a new "Worry-Free" warranty from the manufacturer that covers repairs of damage caused by the mishandling of a common carrier--now that is some worthwhile insurance.Just introduced to market, Platinum Magna represents a new development on behalf of Travelpro to offer the increasingly popular four-wheel, spinner design. Add the new high tech design of the Platinum spinners to supply travelers with magnet technology in the wheels which make them align together almost instantly. This easy to roll style is also loaded with extra features, an attractive new nylon material, and finally, a significantly lighter bag. What hasn't changed is the same attention to quality Travelpro has always manufactured in the Platinum line.For example, Platinum is made with the one of the toughest twill nylon fabrics offering a Duraguard stain and water resistance. This new, lustrous material's durability is unquestionably tough, but the reviews on the appearance and functionality of this traditional two-wheel upright continues to be complete satisfaction.Patent pending Power scope handle is exceptionally strong with multiple stops at 38" 40" and 42.5". The unique feature not found elsewhere minimizes wobble when the telescoping handle is fully extended. An integrated four-point Expansion Stability system at the bottom "footer" of the bag provides stability in all orientations when bag is fully expanded. In other words, the Platinum Magna won't tip over.Travelpro Platinum Rollaboards are "packed" with quality interior features not found in most luggage today. For example, all hardware has a super tough finish for the optimal combination of strength and lightweight. Large butterfly wings hold down straps on the interior and keep your clothing bundle in place without shifting. You'll love the removable suiter with patented foam bars to reduce wrinkling and to keep up to two suits separate and wrinkle-proof. appreciates Travelpro has stuck to providing a suiter in light of the fact there are less and less manufacturers still offering a suiter and multiple organization pockets.Interior mesh dividers and pockets allow separation of his.hers, clean/dirty, dress/casual, dry/wet, etc. All Platinum Spinners have a fully lined interior with H2O guard for stain and water resistance. On the exterior, the bag has PU bonded, sealed ball-bearing spinner wheels to provide a smooth, quiet ride through any terrain. This type of new Platinum four-wheel design gives users the ability to turn at 360 degrees on a dime--making ease of use incredibly satisfying through busy airports, ticket lines, and in crowded elevators.A full length, bottom footer on the bottom of the upright doubles as a grab handle while two more handle grips on the site and top of the bag cut a low-profile and possess a leather comfort grip. Add an integrated ID tag, expansion capability, and a newly lighten bag and the Platinum line has more standard features than a Cadillac.Frequent business travelers and discriminating leisure travelers should shop and compare when making a large investment in luggage--your "tool-of-the-trade". We think you will come to the conclusion the Travelpro Platinum Magna Spinners are up to the challenge and make a sophisticated travel statement.
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