Baggallini Messenger Bag

  • Baggallini Messenger Bag
    Baggallini Messenger Bag
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    The Baggallini Messenger Bagg from the designers at Baggallini is another ergonomic, lightweight day excursion bag for travel from Sling the shoulder bag over your shoulder and you will instantly feel how comfortable this type of style of tote can be. Much of the weight of the bag is alloted to your entire torso, rather than your shoulder or back. The messenger style tote has always been used by urban couriers primarially for this reason and why shouldn't travelers reap the benefits of such a design too? Features such as a quick-reach cell phone and eyeglass pocket on the shoulder strap is very handy and an elastic water bottle pocket will make sure you are getting your needed allowance of water. Three other pockets cascade up from the front with multiple sleeves and pockets within them. With the Messenger Bagg you will never have to search endlessly in a typical caverness purse pocket for your keys or glasses. Baggallini has always gone great lengths to create organization in their totes and the Messenger Bagg is no exception. In fact, we believe once you utilize the Baggallini Messenger Bagg on your next journey, you will probaby find yourself using it everyday.
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