Baggallin Horizon Cross-body Bagg

  • Baggallin Horizon Cross-body Bagg
    Baggallin Horizon Cross-body Bagg
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    Embrace your personal style with this beautifully functional crossbody bag called the Baggallini Horizon Cross-body bagg.The latest crinkle nylon introduction, the Horizon is the perfect organizer cross-body bag for a trip to Paris or just zipping around town. What you'll find is a pocket for your every need. For example, the main pocket contains key fob, credit card slots, lipstick and pen holders. The front zipper pockets pleat open for easy access and stores you smart phone so you can get to it quick when your favorite ring tone begins to sing. A removable coin purse is a signature Baggallini accessory you're going to use over and over again.Wear the adjustable cross-body strap across your upper torso in unfamiliar or tight confines in Europe where pickpockets are known to roam. Wear it over the shoulder when security isn't an issue. The lightweight purse weighs merely ten ounces so go, be free, travel light, and see new horizons with your new Baggallini Horizon bagg.
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