Pacsafe Retractasafe Cable Lock

  • Pacsafe Retractasafe Cable Lock
    Pacsafe Retractasafe Cable Lock
    Luggage And Bags
    The PacSafe RetractaSafe 100 is a compact, retractable plastic-coated steel cable housed in a tough, yet lightweight casing.The RetractSafe is ideal for locking bags, camera equipment, skis, luggage, backpacks, bikes and other items together or to a secure fixture. A snatchproof three-digit combination lock capable of being reset is integrated into this clever security device. Set the combination to your most memorable three dial sequence and feel good about leaving your valuables behind in a hotel room or youth hostel.The lock is our most compact and lightweight cable lock that extends a full twenty-nine inches. How PacSafe wound such a tough cable into a small space is ingenious. Utilize the adjustable length to suit your travel demands and travel the world safer with another security conscious product for the PacSafe company.
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