High Sierra At7 Computer Backpack

  • High Sierra At7 Computer Backpack
    High Sierra At7 Computer Backpack
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    If you're looking to acquire a versatile carry-on that will fit under the seat of an airplane and will act as both your day backpack for your upcoming trip and at home as an everyday bag, the High Sierra AT7 Carry-on Backpack will fit the bill.The beauty of the entire AT7 line is how High Sierra managed to make this premier series their lightest. Not only have they made the AT7 lighter than most, they have made their duffels, wheeled backpacks, and uprights even tougher. It's not that High Sierra makes any of their bags weak, but their new AT7 collection simply will not be in need of replacement for a long, long time.Always on the ready, this AT7 Backpack combines tough durability with easygoing versatility in a lightweight, two-pound design. The pack has ample size at twenty inches long, 2850 cubic inches, and will accommodate laptops up to seventeen inches. Another long pocket can hold the files, magazine, books, etc. Two more front pockets accommodate the items you need most often and the quickest. Oh ya, where did I place our tickets. Of course, in the front ticket pocket.
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