Eagle Creek Travel Gateway 4-wheel Upright 28-inch

  • Eagle Creek Travel Gateway 4-wheel Upright 28-inch
    Eagle Creek Travel Gateway 4-wheel Upright 28-inch
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    Introducing a new Eagle Creek luggage collection called the Travel Gateway 4-Wheeled Upright 28. Their new light and airy line closely resembles several of their immensely popular collectons over the years accept tops them all in appearance and value.The Travel Gateway spinner upright has the ever-more popular four wheel design for easy mobility. With a book-style opening for easy packing and unpacking, lockable zippers, and interior compression wings, this bag was built to help you keep all your things organized and in their place.Clean and sophisticated looking, the Eagle Creek spinner-style upright is one of the very lightest bags you'll ever lift at approximately eight pounds for a large-size checked bag size! Features include two exterior pockets to function as a deep front laundry chute and a place to house your trench coat.The Travel Gateway uprights are fully lined inside to provide travelers with a clean look and simple packing. Many of our die-hard packing light travelers prefer less gizmos and gadgets in their luggage which they feel just add weight and confusion. With all Eagle Creek Travel Gateway bags you won't see bulky garment fixtures, flimsy wet packs, heavy cinch straps, and a plethora of elastic pockets. Instead, you'll only find a large see-through mesh interior pocket on the door and large, easy to use, large compression wings to hold down the contents of the bag splendidlyIn the Eagle Creek tradition, the line is tough as well as ultra-light. Rugged skid plates and corner bumpers made from the latest technologies and materials protect against all obstacles. Quality nylon zippers are self-healing and long lasting. The locking telescoping handle stows flush with the bag to protect it from damage. A strong back panel protects the handle and the inside of your new luggage investment. And that's exactly how you should look at your bag--as an investment. Eagle Creek understands this essential truth and that's why they make well-sewn bags and gear meant to last a long time. A blend of durable nylon fabrics make up a long list of tough-stuff components so you can head out with one less worry about your bag.Remember that many luggage sites may tell you the Travel Gateway 4-Wheeled Upright 28 is "ideal for a seven to ten day trip". Only PackingLight.com pronounces we think you should save money and baggage weight by making this twenty-eight inch case the only bag you need for weeks or even months, certainly not just a few days. See our packing video to learn how to do it!
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