Eagle Creek Pack-it Tube Cube

  • Eagle Creek Pack-it Tube Cube
    Eagle Creek Pack-it Tube Cube
    Luggage And Bags
    Eagle Creek's Pack-It Cubes have been a huge success for almost a decade because they take the guess work out of identifying the contents of your luggage.Ever see those spaces in-between the handles in the back of your wheeled luggage? Eagle Creek has designed the Pack-It(TM) Tube Cube so you can make the most out of every square inch of your travel bag. Organize ties, belts, socks, electronic cords and other accessories with these packing cubes. You'll love the organization and space savings. We promise.Pack the tubular shape packing aid in your tote pocket, front suitcase pocket or in a stuff sack. Wherever you decide is best, the Tube Cube will fill the space because of its soft collapsible shell. When you are ready to hit the road and pack up, or when you need to unpack, the Eagle Creek Tube Cube will be right there to help make packing and un-packing easier.Place essentials such as dental items, cosmetics, medicinal needs or other essentials in this very clever packing organizer.
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