Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Tarmac All Wheel Drive 28

  • Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Tarmac All Wheel Drive 28
    Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Tarmac All Wheel Drive 28
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    The Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Tarmac All Wheel Drive 28 provides weightless in hand with four spinner wheels, built-in durability and convenient travel features.The new Tarmac AWD series can handle everything it comes across in this world and be a reliable travel mate for a long, long time. Four oversized, 360-degree Dynamic Spin(TM) wheels offer effortless mobility over all types of terrain--from the glossy tile of an airport terminal to the dusty loam of the African bush.The AWD line is a new innovative combination bag providing the durability of hardside luggage with the versatility of a traditional softside suitcase. Eagle Creek has managed to create the perfect "hybrid" combination. The three-ply, triple-layer polycarbonate protects the contents of your luggage while protecting the outside handle system. Understand the high-grade, aluminum telescoping handle is neatly tucked into the molded polycarbonate shell in the back to create extra packing space on the interior and to provide a flat bottom to which to pack upon.If you are an organized PackingLight packing specialist, utilize the Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD front soft-side portion which offers expandability, several pockets, and that little-extra packing capacity that a total hardside cannot provide. In fact, the soft-side material is constructed of twisted nylon dobby and backed with a Vapor Barrier for long lasting use and water and stain repellency.For travelers looking for the highest level of security and protection understand the Tarmac possesses an Eagle Creek exclusive Zip SecuriTech zipper on the main compartment. Tampering or placing a sharp object into zipper teeth will not allow a perpetrator access. Most of our travelers are not aware just how easy other bags can be accessed with a simple ball point pen.Interior features include a fully lined interior with tie down straps to keep your clothing wrinkle free. The Tarmac AWD 22 expands up to two and a half inches for additional packing space while a fold-out suiter is built into lid of case with hanger loop and tie-down straps. Two zippered storage pockets in curtain of the lid are Pack-It compatible--of course and tie-down straps keep your load secure and free from moving within.For tough-stuff exterior features your deserve in your sizable luggage investment, Eagle Creek has installed twin spinner wheels on each corner with 360 degree rotation to assure multi-directional rolling and optimal stability. Fully integrated lightweight fiberglass frame and reinforced corners and kick plate offer additional protection against wear.One final fun fact is Eagle Creek Tarmac's All Wheeled Drive bag has a one-of-a-kind concealed "Add-a- Bag" strap with adjustable webbing to allow additional bags to be carried effortlessly. It's a wonder why no one else has thought of that.
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