Atlantic Compass Unite Shoulder Tote

  • Atlantic Compass Unite Shoulder Tote
    Atlantic Compass Unite Shoulder Tote
    Luggage And Bags
    Atlantic's Compass Unite Shoulder Tote is lighter than most comparable carry-on totes and the new Compass Spinner collection that accompanies this tote is 10% lighter than it's original Compass series. Now that's going on a diet!Affordability is another good quality these days and the Compass line packs a lot of value. Built with a 1680 denier Polyester blend material, the Compass series has a material that is both durable and attractive. A new technology allows the bag to avoid the unsightly wrinkled material you see in so many bags. What you get is a cleaner look with less fabric.The simple organization of the bag keeps life on the road less stressful. Who wants to search aimlessly for carry-on items on board an airplane or at a ticket counter. A front organizer pocket is easy to open wide and to view contents. The main compartment is similarly easy to see into and holds everything you need for the long journey ahead. The Atlantic Compass Unite Shoulder Tote fits under the seat in front of you and will ride atop an upright suitcase with ease.
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