Eagle Creek Activate Wheeled Backpack 26

  • Eagle Creek Activate Wheeled Backpack 26
    Eagle Creek Activate Wheeled Backpack 26
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    Eagle Creek's new Activate Wheeled Backpack 26 is dedicated to offering either traditional two-wheel upright manueverability or a backpack option when you encounter your room in Paris is located three flights up with no elevator.The fun new line converts from a rolling bag to a backpack so you can throw it on your back when you've got to run to catch your flight or to trek down a dirt path. But unlike a traditional backpack, the Activate Wheeled Backpack 26 also has durable wheels for easy rolling over cobblestone streets and city curbs. How you carry it is up to you!Why purchase a standard upright suitcase or a traditional backpack without wheels when you have hybrids that combine multiple carry options on one rolling bag? Use the backpack carry straps by pulling them out from a slim back pocket. The straps are of Eagle Creek quality of course meaning they have a wicking air mesh material to keep you dry and cool. They're well-padded, yet don't take up much room in the back pocket. Use them conventionally to pack the piece and move it from point A to point B. Our bet is the wheeled option gets used 95% of the time with the remaining backpack choice as important a contingency plan.The ultralight seven-pound Eagle Creek Activate Wheeled Backpack is about as light as we offer in a twenty-six inch bag. The Activate upright provides easy packing with a full front panel pocket that runs the length of the front side. Internal and external compresson straps secure and reign in a over-packed bag. A single door pocket on the interior rounds out a clean, simple interior meant for holding your PackingLight clothing bundle and for integrating with Eagle Creeks legendary Pack-It System of packing cubes and folders.Durable wheel and handle system allows for a smooth ride while multiple grab handles at the top, bottom and side give grab-n-go handling options. Corner bumper protection provides enhanced durability along with knowing the Activate Wheeled Backpack is built with the same design and construction quality Eagle Creek is known for. PackingLight.com especially appreciates the 3/4 softside construction which we have witnessed takes a beating better than any other style of luggage we have sold for 30+ years. Our theory is this style protects your telescoping handle on the back with a structured panel and the remaining three sides are completely soft to most importantly, lighten your bag and second, offers the flexability to take a punch.As for the bright colors, we love em! Choose among Limeade, Torch Red, or traditonal jet black. The fun, vibrant colors are welcome on a luggage carousel of black bags and at the same time, illustrate your outlook on your life of travel!
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