Delsey Helium Sky Trolley Tote

  • Delsey Helium Sky Trolley Tote
    Delsey Helium Sky Trolley Tote
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    The Delsey Helium Sky Trolley Tote is a natural progression of quality in one of the largest luggage lines in the world. The wheeled tote design was developed decades too late, but now that it has women (and a few smart men) have jumped on the idea. Why should you carry a cumbersome, weighty shoulder tote when you don't have to?The Delsey Helium Sky Trolley Tote could be one of our lightest rolling totes at 5.4 pounds. How it stays so light is due to lightweight material, EVA foam backing, and it's semi-structured design.While the weight isn't there, the durability is. Made of tough Micro Ballistic material, the trolley tote adds in-line skate style wheels protected by a full corner protectant and molded polypropylene kick plate to eliminate wear at stress points. A locking telescoping handle is capable of push or pull action to make navigating airports a lot easier with just one hand managing the bag. For pocketing and organization utilize the front pocket containing several sleeves for the smaller, quick to get to items. Dual zippers make it faster and easier to open and close the pocket. The roomy main compartment has a large top opening configuration for easy viewing. Even with this large capacity travelers will find the tote light as any around and capable of placing under most airline seats.So make the Delsey Helium Sky 3.0 Trolley Tote a part of your Delsey Helium Collection and you'll never go back to the days of lugging heavy totes or upright suitcases.
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