Delsey Helium Shadow 2.0 25-inch Spinner Trolley

  • Delsey Helium Shadow 2.0 25-inch Spinner Trolley
    Delsey Helium Shadow 2.0 25-inch Spinner Trolley
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    The Delsey Helium Shadow 2.0 25-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter Trolley is just right for those who are making the commitment to pack light.The new Delsey Shadow 2.0 is an extremely lightweight and durable Polycarbonate collection that has added expansion capability in the newly upgraded series. Fun colors, self-repairing zippers, integrated 3-dial TSA combination lock, built-in suiter and more make each bag a sure fire stand out among the rest.Priced affordably for the economic times of the day, the four-wheel, Spinner Shadow series will continue to save you money by keeping you under airline's luggage weight maximums. The idea is to start off with a bag two pounds lighter than most. Stay light with's age-old packing method, lightweight clothing, and gear to keep you "weigh-under" those ridiculous weight restrictions.And while you pack lean, the Delsey Shadow Trolleys possess features to make travel easy. For example, maneuvering the bag throughout airports, elevators, and crowded hotel lobbies is a breeze with four spinner wheels capable of multi-directional steering. Turn the Shadow Spinner any way you need to on a time and head off toward the gate you're really supposed to be at.On the exterior, you'll find the aforementioned TSA-approved lock, removable ID tag, protected and a recessed one-button locking handle system with industrial aluminum tubes, and ergonomic comfort grip handle. Important: the special hardside texture exterior keeps the piece from scratching like those other glossy hardside models.
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