Briggs And Riley Baseline Cx Medium Expandable Upright

  • Briggs And Riley Baseline Cx Medium Expandable Upright
    Briggs And Riley Baseline Cx Medium Expandable Upright
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    The new Briggs and Riley Baseline CX 24-inch Medium Expandable Upright has a heritage derived from performance and longevity. New to the line is Briggs revolutionary CX Compression Packing technology. PackingLight whole-heartedly endorses their substantially lighter uprights which easily compress your load. Now you can expand to pack more, compress to save space, and arrive wrinkle free. Their exclusive customizable CX technology expands up to 25%, then compresses itself back down to original size to prevent your contents from shifting during transit, thereby staying wrinkle-free.The uprights have a pair of ratcheting mechanisms on each end of the bag that "lock-in" to the desired level you set. The depth of the bag can be compressed down by simply pressing down upon the bag from above and you can literally hear the ratcheting mechanism working as your overpacked bag presses down. It's really so easy and leaves us all asking: "why hasn't someone thought of this design before?"As the world's first "Simple as That" lifetime warranty luggage product whose guarantee covered any damage done by the airlines, the Baseline series has truly proven the test of time. Even today, Briggs and Riley demonstrates the confidence they have in the quality of their line by offering such a warranty. "Simply" put, Briggs will fix your Baseline suitcase if any defects arise or if non-cosmetic harm is done by any common carrier.In addition to their supporting their customers, Briggs & Riley is the only manufacturer who has enough confidence in their bags to place their telescoping handle on the exterior of their bag. This allows for greater packing capacity for you. Understand the handle is encased in a super-tough, ABS plastic housing on the backside. The benefits of the handle placed on the exterior are several: One, extra packing capacity is created versus traditional luggage. Second, Briggs & Riley 43-inch long telescoping handle with three locking stop height levels, is the longest in the business with this design. Third, the housing is actually stronger and more dependable than most lines which have a thin back panel to protect their handles on the interior.Additional durability features enhance the toughness of their flagship line. For example, the Baseline's quiet-glide, wide-profile wheels have an oil infused bushing to create a quiet, easy motion and durable cushioned wheel exterior makes for perhaps the best wheel around. Wheel housing corner guards give ultimate protection of the case. PVC corners guard against wear. Bottom skid guard protects case and contents. The proprietary hybrid frame is durable, lightweight and flexible for excellent protection of the bag.Interior features begin with a built-in tri-fold garment bag with a foam-centered garment panels and a form roll bar to prevent wrinkling. Several elastic pockets on the lid are perfect for undergarments, socks or shoes. To firmly secure the contents of your bag, Briggs and Riley has perhaps the best tie-down straps with large square securing panels to keep the entire load from shifting.Enjoy more smart luggage ideas such as a large exterior pocket on the front, two smaller utility pockets, and in-between the telescoping handle tubes on the back you'll find yet another useful outside pocket. In a bag full of features and durability, we finish with Baseline's quick-release clip to attach a second bag.For the serious road warrior or the traveler who doesn't regard luggage as a disposable product, the legendary Briggs and Riley Baseline collection will live up to it's lofty reputation for durability and quality. "Simple as That!"
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