Briggs And Riley Baseline Carry-on Upright Garment Bag

  • Briggs And Riley Baseline Carry-on Upright Garment Bag
    Briggs And Riley Baseline Carry-on Upright Garment Bag
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    The Briggs and Riley Baseline Carry-on Upright Garment Bag is designed for easy packing, easy transport, and it meets carry-on regulations for major U.S. domestic airlines with standard large capacity airplanes. There are many travelers who love garment bags and like to have the option for a garment bag with a vertical orientation versus a horizontal model. This kind of vertical garment bag offered here holds the same amount of apparel as it's cousin, the wide-body horizontal-type, but is slimmer for going down the aisle of an airplane and offers another large flat packing pocket in addition to the customary hanging suit pocket.Check out feature point images to understand what we are talking about here. The bag possesses two main pockets or compartments and allows users to pack two suits in on large pocket and have another four inches in depth in a bottom compartment. You have the best of both worlds of luggage--you have the ease of use of a garment bag side and a hanging bracket and you have an empty large pocket to organize your apparel and other carry-on essentials. Well, almost empty. We should add there are elastic shoe pockets and a mesh zippered pocket within for even more organizing and packing options.This 21-inch long garment bag is perfect for those two to four day business trips. And when you are flying you'll love the three extra pockets on the front for the Briggs signature "SpeedThru" capability to go "speeding-thru" airport security checkpoints. Not to be forgotten we must add the Briggs and Riley "Outsider" telescoping handle to provide greater interior capacity and a flat interior surface for packing so clothing arrives wrinkle-free. Aircraft-grade aluminum handle system actually has a rare four stop heights and feature V-groove handle tubes which are stronger and guarantee less jamming.As the world's first "Simple as That" lifetime warranty luggage product whose guarantee covered any damage done by the airlines, the Baseline series has truly proven the test of time. Even today, Briggs & Riley demonstrates the confidence they have in the quality of their line by offering such a warranty. "Simply" put, Briggs will fix your Baseline garment bag if any defects arise or if non-cosmetic harm is done by any common carrier.
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