Baggalllini Traverse Backpack

  • Baggalllini Traverse Backpack
    Baggalllini Traverse Backpack
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    The Baggallini Traverse is a truly beautiful backpack that takes you where you need to go whether day or night. The Traverse possesss feminine appeal with diagonal stitching accross the back and well-appointed hardware, the pack is more than a typical tourist backpack. First, the piece is ample enough for your essentials, but petite for a woman's figure. Second, it can be worn comfortably in the front if you're on a bustling European subway and worried about pickpockets. Additionally, the Traverse can be worn with it's strap zipped together and used as a cross-body sling bag. Alternatively, you can wear it as a backpack all day with comfort and ease too. In the way of pocketing, the main zippered compartment has multiple organization pockets in the long tradition of Baggallini to offer just the right type and number of pockets for every woman. A vertical middle zipper pocket and two flap pockets reside for the little incidentals you want kept in their "spot". Lightweight and water resistant, the legendary Baggallini crinkle nylon is a tried and true material Baggallini has employed for decades.
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