Baggallini Urban Backpack

  • Baggallini Urban Backpack
    Baggallini Urban Backpack
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    The Baggallini Urban Backpack is a well-organized pack capable of being worn over the shoulder or as a backpack. Whether running an errand or traveling abroad, this stylish bag is perfect for both. The Urban Backpack can be utilized as a sling bag or un-zip the straps and reattach them to make a comfortable backpack.The fun shape hides a lot of organization inside and out. There are outside zippered pockets on both the front and the back and the contrasting color inside makes it easy to find whatever you are looking for. Un-zip the sides and this ingenious bag opens completely to reveal two zippered pockets, a cell phone pocket, lipstick and pen holders and even pockets for ID and credit cards.The sides of the Baggallini Urban Backpack are gusseted to keep items secure without worry of things falling out. Made of the company's legendary lightweight, water-resistant, crinkled nylon fabric, the pack is easy to wash with a damp cloth and will last you for years. Plus, the inherant texture of Baggallini's crinkle material creates the perfect, unpretentious vibe the company is famous for.
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