Baggallini Transport Carry-all Tote

  • Baggallini Transport Carry-all Tote
    Baggallini Transport Carry-all Tote
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    The Bagggallini Carryall's name says it all. If you've been looking for the perfect carry-on to meet the standards of the TSA's so-called, "Personal Item", the Carry-all is designed with style and thoughtful function for the woman who aspires to the well-ordered life.Lightweight at just over a pound, the Transport Carryall is sized to go under the seats of an airplane and has the collapsible ability to fit anywhere and even on top of your upright suitcase handle. Simple slide the back sleeve which converts to a pocket over the telescoping handle and you be able to wheel both an upright bag and your Baggallini tote all with one hand!The main compartment is equipped with a padded table sleeve, pen holders, multiples sleeves for smart phones, and an internal zippered pocket. Baggallini's infamous removable coin pocket is a present and if you have never owned a Baggallini yet, you'll love this little extra. The coin purse comes with a wristlet strap that allows you to use separately or attach it securely with a small latch so your currency and coin never go missing.The Baggallini Transport Carryall offers Baggallini's classic crinkle nylon fabric. This material has recently been refined to look a little more dressy and yet, still has the lightweight, water resistant characteristics our customers have been coming back to purchase for years. Plus, for those who prefer a happy, vibrant outlook on life, Baggallini has added a rainbow of bright, colorful choices.
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