Amphipod Micropack Landsport Pouch

  • Amphipod Micropack Landsport Pouch
    Amphipod Micropack Landsport Pouch
    Luggage And Bags
    No more hand carrying essentials such as your day's spending money in your pocket. No more becoming a pickpocket's best friend. Wear the Amphipod Micropak LandSport and tour safely through the cities of the world without a worry.Bring your basic essentials from keys and ID/cards to small phone and other small items. The LandSport lets you carry what you need securely and comfortably and keeps your hands free. The snug design and fit eliminates the annoying bounce and jingle jangle that comes with carrying keys and other stuff in your pockets. Most importantly, the Amphipod LandSport allows you to leave your traditional wallet at home while you wear your security pouch underneath your clothing with the bulk of your money and credit cards. Wear the LandSport to carry your day's spending money on the outside. The two-step approach has worked for thousands of our clients and allowed travelers to actually have fun on vacation free from the worry of pesky pickpockets.
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