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Baggallini Rfid Wallet

  • Baggallini Rfid Wallet
    Baggallini Rfid Wallet
    Luggage And Bags
    The Bagggallini RFID Wallet is a new necessity for a new reality in the world of travel and for everyday use back home.We educate our clients everyday on the fact there are individuals out there that would like to steal your personal information on your American passport (since 2006 when they implemented the RFID chip system on passports) and on some credit cards which possess the RFID chip. The majority of cards still don't have this chip implanted, but more and more are equipped with this technology and more will come with this feature.The bad news is bad guys possess scanners which can steal your information from afar right off of these type of passports and cards. The good news is RFID protective wallets like the Baggallini wallet sold here. There is the same kind of smart Baggallini organization panels within the wallet for credit cards and ID, checkbook and currency. The wallet is lined with a special material to completely protect your informaton from any chance of RFID scanner theft.The lightweight crinkle nylon material of the Baggallini wallet is offered in several bright colors or the classic black as well. The wallet is surely prettier than others with a few seaming details and a beautiful crinkle material we all know and love from Baggallini.
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