Wally Bags 45 Inch Framed Garment Bag

  • Wally Bags 45 Inch Framed Garment Bag
    Wally Bags 45 Inch Framed Garment Bag
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    The Wally Bag 45-inch Framed Garment Bag is a traditional, full-fledge garment bag so difficult to find among most luggage company's array of luggage.After three decades of owning a luggage store and web site we know there are still guys out there who don't mind carrying a garment bag over their shoulder--as long as it starts out lightweight. How much you load it down is up to you, but the bag can carry up to six garments on their hangers.Utilize the Wally Bags Garment Bag as a carry-on or check-in--either way it will hold up with a tough, 1620 denier polyester exterior. This lightweight shoulder strap garment bag with interior WallyLock(R) hanger clamp keeps your clothes neat and wrinkle-free. The Wally(R) clamp holds up to six or more garments and multiple organization pockets accommodate shoes, folded clothes, and even small accessories.The garment bag is easy to carry-on on most large passenger airliners by lying flat in an overhead compartment. Use this type of garment bag in conjunction with a typical upright suitcase and keep your fine garments wrinkle free and cared for. The shoulder strap garment bag comes with the patented WallyLock(R) hanger clamp so your clothing stays on the bracket without coming off and ending up in a wrinkled mess at the bottom of your sleeve. This invention comes from the Wally Bag company, the inventor of the legendary Wally bracket seen in many garment bags throughout the world.
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