Voltage Valet Currency Converter

  • Voltage Valet Currency Converter
    Voltage Valet Currency Converter
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    The Voltage Valet Currency Converter is one of those travel accessories you don't realize you need to after you have paid $200 for the Panama Hat rather than the $20 you thought you were charged.Let's face it, we've all been there when you are under the stress of deciding on a purchase and you loose track of how much you are paying in American dollars. With all of the haggling, the pressure of not having enough time to make a rational purchasing decision, and with the on-the-spot mathematics you have to perform we can occasionally make a hasty financial decision that ends up costing you a lot more than you bargained for.The Voltage Valet Currency Converter converts foreign currency to U.S. dollars and U.S. dollars to foreign currency. The mulitiple function calculator is quick and easy to program in any foreign currency rate. A large, 8-digit display is easy to read. So why not eliminate the stress of figuring out what you are spending in dollars and make converting currency easy. With this low cost calculator you'll definitely save enough on your purchases overseas to cover the cost of this goodie.
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