Travelpro Marquis 21-inch Expandable Spinner

  • Travelpro Marquis 21-inch Expandable Spinner
    Travelpro Marquis 21-inch Expandable Spinner
    Luggage And Bags
    Lightweight luggage is not only in vogue, it is essential with today's new domestic airline weight maximums of 50 pounds per checked bag. The advent of the Travelpro Marquis is a timely innovation in light of the new rules of travel--especially if you plan saving on overweight fees.In addition to keeping the pounds off, the Marquis collection continues with the durability life-long Travelpro customers have come to expect. How did Travelpro lighten their baggage? They decided to look at every single component of the bag and manufactured the Walkabout with the lightest hardware, wheels, high-tech plastics and graphite frame available. The result has been a carefully crafted, durable piece of luggage capable of going many a mile, but with minimum load. Why start off with a heavy bag when the Marquis will save you weight. In fact, the 21-inch Expandable Carry-on Spinner weighs in at merely six pounds, nine ounces!The Marquis Spinner is another new direction for Travelpro. The Marquis line possesses three size options to outfit a growing segment of luggage design used by more and more travelers for it's ease of maneuverability. In a tight elevator, crowded airport ticket counter, or in a busy hotel lobby a spinner wheel design is a pleasure to work with. And in the case of Travelpro Marquis Spinners, you'll find the line provides even greater maneuverability and stability with their superior telescoping handles, a unique bottom tray aligns and stabilizes wheels for effortless maneuverability, and with a tapered expansion which provides packing flexibility while keep the center of gravity low.Note that all of the Marquis Spinners offer the same great features as it's predecessor, the Travelpro Walkabout collections. For example, the Travelpro 21-inch Expandable Spinner has an interior pocket on the lid. Side pockets on the interior reside for shoes, undergarments, and socks. On the outside of the Travelpro Rollaboard you'll find two front pockets for ticketing and an extra long pocket for a raincoat or laundry chute.
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