Travelpro Crew 10 Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag

  • Travelpro Crew 10 Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag
    Travelpro Crew 10 Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag
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    PackingLight, the internet's leader in lightening your load, presents the Travelpro Crew 10 22-inch Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag. Business travelers and others packing formal garments are always looking for a garment bag with the capacity to hold a dressy wardrobe and yet, still have the ability to carry on aboard an airplane. With the Crew 22-inch Wheeled Garment Bag you can bring it in the cabin and stow it overhead about 95% of the time on domestic airlines with larger planes and about 85% of the time internationally.The bag's dimensions add to the magic number of 45 linear inches--the maximum carry-on size for major U.S. airlines. Note the dimensions: 21 1/2" x 14" x 9". This makes the rolling garment a carry-on accept on smaller commuter planes. Take the Crew 10 Rolling Garment Bag for your two or three day business trips and know your all-important business attire will be there with you upon arrival.Built with all the "tough-stuff" frequent travel demands, the carry-on garment bag has a new high tech, 1680 denier Twist Nylon fabric with Duraguard coating for stain resistance and a lighter weight full-frame construction. Add patented replaceable whisper wheels, recessed handles, top-qualiy nylon zippers, and a tough honeycomb frame and Travelpro has ensured the bag's long life. And going back to the telescoping handle--a patent-pending, exceptionally strong PowerScope Extension Handle minimizes wobble when handles are fully extended. Plus, the unique multi-position locking handle offers varying lengths for varying heights of travelers in this world.
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