Travelpro Crew 10 21-inch Expandable Spinner

  • Travelpro Crew 10 21-inch Expandable Spinner
    Travelpro Crew 10 21-inch Expandable Spinner
    Luggage And Bags introduces the new Travelpro Crew 10 21-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter from the company that invented the telescoping handle suitcase over twenty years ago. No one expected this invention to become what it is today, the most significant innovation for the traveling consumer ever. Now, Travelpro has finally added a set of spinner-type of models to offer the most complete selection of carry-on's and uprights in the luggage industry.More than 425,000 flight crew members worldwide put Travelpro Rollaboard to test day in and day out. In addition to this lofty stamp of approval, the Travelpro Crew 10 21-inch Spinner is scoring well with new and old Crew customers alike because the company has got the weight down another 12% and at just over eight pounds provides toughness too. Critics applaud a new lighter weight, full-frame construction lightening their uprights. The legendary series won't lighten your pocket book either. Travelpro has actually managed to keep the line priced at or below price points set on prior Crew series.With the new Crew 10, Travelpro is offering an incredible new color choice in "Merlot". Normally color isn't as vital as feature points and toughness, but this distinctive color combines with a rugged bag and a tone of extras to create a suitcase as sophisticated as you are. The company has added several other new features with the latest Crew series such as an easy-lift handle cup, a slim-line attachment system with an easy-to-use detachable hook, and an exclusive Duraguard water and stain resistant Ballistic nylon material. Add an exceptionally strong PowerScope Extension Telescoping Handle minimizes wobble when handles are fully extended and a patent-pending MagnaTrac system that has self-aligning magnetic dual wheel spinners that make the bag roll straight. Top all of these feature points with their new four-wheel, multi-directional spinner bags.This type of upright suitcase is the fastest growing category in luggage because of the ease of use. Four spinner wheels allow travelers to maneuver in tight spaces easier. Crowded elevators, long, busy lines at the airport, and hotel lobbies stuffed with tourists are a whole lot easier to navigate with a bag that "spins" on a dime and turns in any direction effortlessly.Durability features such as a nearly indestructible honeycomb frame, easy-glide "Whisper" wheels, durable nylon zippers, and a tear and abrasion resistant Twist nylon fabric makes the Crew 9 Series the best ever. In fact, the 1680 denier material combines the tear strength of a two-by-two "Ballistic weave", with the superior strength of nylon thread to create an extremely tight weave. This type of dense weave creates a material that is less likely to snag on protrusions and is less likely to abrade than other luggage material made today.Utilize Travelpro's suiter fixture designed to completey remove and leaves garments wrinkle-free. For your undergarments and socks, the Crew series has added a pocket on the suit carrier pocket. We prefer to offer uprights with interior compression tie-downs that cover the majority of the contents of your luggage. A sturdy set of buckles ensures everything remains in place without shifting during transit.To further your education of this number one, consumer rated legend, PackingLight asks you to examine the Rollaboard's feature package below. We are sure you will be taken by the value of the new, lightweight Travelpro Crew 10 Series.
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