Travelon Secure-a-bag Cable Ties

  • Travelon Secure-a-bag Cable Ties
    Travelon Secure-a-bag Cable Ties
    Luggage And Bags
    Travelon's Secure-A-Bag Cable Ties are the answer for air travelers who are looking for some sort of deterent to theft and who want to prevent premature opening of their luggage.The Transportation Security Adminstration has recommended air travel passengers do not use the historical luggage lock to secure luggage. The reason is there is a very real possibility that the lock you purchased will be cut off in order for airport security officials to inspect your baggage. Plastic cable ties provide a low cost alternative to metal luggage locks and are tough to open with bare hands. Travelon has provided us with exactly what the TSA recommends in the form of their Secure-A-Bag Cable Ties. Sixty brightly colored cable ties help in identifying your luggage on a crowded carousal and can be clipped off easily with the two clippers provided. (And yes, nail clippers are okay on board an aircraft now...)
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