Travelon Micro Luggage Scale

  • Travelon Micro Luggage Scale
    Travelon Micro Luggage Scale
    Luggage And Bags
    The slim and sleek Travelon Micro Luggage Scale fits in the palm of your hand for convenient weighing of your baggage anywhere.Ironically, many luggage scales end up weighing you down when you pack them for your journey. It seems to us that's contrary to the purpose of a scale. Weighing merely three ounces, the Travelon Micro Luggage Scale weighs considerably less than competing scales and takes up less space as well. At under four inches long, the micro scale fits in the palm of your hand.While the Travelon scale is quite possibly the smallest, most lightweight luggage scale available, it's still capable of weighing luggage up to 110 lbs.! We know if you're a traveler reading this on our PackingLight web site you wouldn't even think about approaching that much weight in baggage right?
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