Travelon Anti-theft Mini Shoulder Bag

  • Travelon Anti-theft Mini Shoulder Bag
    Travelon Anti-theft Mini Shoulder Bag
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    Travelon's Anti-Theft line of purses is establishing itself as the premier line of secure travel purses with a wide breath of styles. The new Mini Shoulder Bag is just the right size for many and employs functional pockets and a variety of pickpocket defying features.For instance, the Anti-theft purse has a slash-proof chain-link construction throughout the bag that keeps the piece from being slashed at the bottom so bad guys can't have the contents of you bag exposed or spilled about. A steel cable-reinforced, cut-proof shoulder strap makes sure the adjustable strap stays on your shoulder. Finally, the fact the Travelon Mini Shoulder Bag is a "Cross-body" style keeps the shoulder strap squarely across your upper torso so the purse isn't going anywhere.Protection from pickpockets is hugely important while traveling so you can walk around town without a worry. When used with a security pouch to hold the bulk of your money you can travel stress-free. As important as it is for our customers to own a security bag, it is equally important to own a lightweight bag with smart pocketing and that is attractive too. The petite messenger style with a front flap is always popular and proves easy to work out of. Even better, the purse comes in three great colors.Utilize the locking main compartment including several internal card pockets and card slots to organize your travel world. Examine all of Travelon's anti-theft purses and see if the Mini Shoulder Bag is right for you.
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