Sea To Summit Ultra-sil Day Pack

  • Sea To Summit Ultra-sil Day Pack
    Sea To Summit Ultra-sil Day Pack
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    The Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Day Pack is not only our best quality expandable day pack that we have ever offered, but when the backpack is packed in it's pouch it fits into the palm of your hand.The tiny packed down size fits easily onto your key ring, in a jacket pocket, or a purse. The hot new Ultra Sil Day Pack doesn't weigh anything either. In fact, the expandable backpack weighs just two ounces. You might have cell phones that weigh five or ten times as much. Pack the Sea to Summit gem away and know you'll have a rugged pack at your destination. We've always encouraged our clients to pack in a 22-inch carry on suitcase and small tote. Now you need a day pack for those all day excursions on a bus, hike, walk, or on tour. Simply pull out your Ultra Sil Day Pack from your pocket and you can carry the things you purchased or need for the day.This super small package will surprise you. First, the pack expands to eighteen inches in length. Second, the backpack will hold twenty pounds comfortably. Made from super-light, strong and water-resistant Ultra-Sil fabric with Cordura yarn, the pack can be filled to capacity without worries. So go ahead, plan your day with the Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Day Pack.Please see our alternate images for just how small the bag becomes in one's hand.
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