Baggallini Globetrotter Mini

  • Baggallini Globetrotter Mini
    Baggallini Globetrotter Mini
    Luggage And Bags
    The Baggallini Globetrotter Mini possesses all the fun and charm of all the legendary bags Baggallini has created for decades.The Globetrotter Mini travel purse is built for the fast getaway. Cross body comfort allows the hands to be free for convenience and safety. A twenty-seven inch long adjustable strap ensures you keep your bag with you at all times. In fact, if you want to make sure nobody runs off with your bag you can run a belt through a back loop and your Globetrotter Mini is secure and attached.Two double zipper openings help organize the petite purse. One opens across the top and another is more stealth underneath the front flap. You'll find an interior lining and simple organization within the two main pockets. And don't we all find simple is good while traveling?
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