Samsonitel Cosmolite 32-inch Spinner

  • Samsonitel Cosmolite 32-inch Spinner
    Samsonitel Cosmolite 32-inch Spinner
    Luggage And Bags
    The strongest and lightest Samsonite ever thanks to revolutionary Curv technology. The Samsonite Cosmolite sounds urban, looks urban, but has the toughness of a country bull. You have to see our videos on this baby. We have film undoctored of a truck driving up on to the bag! The Cosmolite is almost indestructible, but incredibly lightweight check-in bag comes in at no more than eight pounds for the 30-inch spinner! Amazing.Clean and sophisticated looking, the Cosmolite Curv mold reflects a soft edge to a rugged bag. Almost nature-like in it's waterfall lines, the shell's ridges make the Cosmolite distinctive. A patented reinforced material made from woven threads of polypropylene is exclusive to Samsonite. Molded ridges and flyweight polypropylene material is very resistant to impact. And we know luggage has to withstand impact these days.Four wheels means zero effort and the Samsonite Cosmolite's multi-directional spinner wheels allow rolling in multiple directions. This allows you to maneuver easier throughout our crowded airports and relieves your arm, back, and shoulder of the stress of pulling a heavy bag.A fixed TSA-approved combination lock offers extra protection while the fully lined interior add class. Cross tie-tapes hold contents in place so they don't wrinkle. A provided Bungee cord secures baggage on top when you want to piggyback a smaller tote or briefcase.Roll whenever possible, but when you need to lift the bag utilize the side or top carry handles. The Cosmolite 30-inch Spinner is designed to keep you under the airlines luggage weight limits and might even pay for itself by avoiding those repulsive airline overweight fees. Remember, the airlines made 3.3 Billion dollars in fees last year.
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