Samsonite Winfield Fashion 20-inch Spinner

  • Samsonite Winfield Fashion 20-inch Spinner
    Samsonite Winfield Fashion 20-inch Spinner
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    The Samsonite Luggage Company Winfield Fashion line of spinner uprights is one of the world's lightest hardside bags. After some searching we have discovered the Winfield collection just might be one of the best looking as well.After a great deal of research and development in finding the best suited plastics and combining them just right, Samsonite has created a very durable, but incredibly lightweight shell. Made of 100% Polycarbonate, the Winfield 2 Fashion 20-inch Spinner's shell has a high level rigidity so that it will not permanently deform under pressure and will take heavy impact incredibly well. The hardside shell is constructed of durable and stylish 2.6MM polycarbonate with a polyurethane glaze striation that gives the bag a beautiful brushed finish. The redesigned Samsonite Winfield 20-inch Spinner Carry-on is now under seven pounds! Not only is the luggage one of the lightest bags, but it also has the world's lowest "Weight/Space" ratio. This means that for all of the cubic inches available in the carry-on, it is very light as well. Practically speaking, it means you are lighter than traditional luggage by two to four pounds.For features, the telescoping handle locks into the case to remain protected and has top and side carry handles for easy lifting as well. Four multi-directional spinner wheels allow for easy handling in crowded elevators, hotel lobbies, and airport lines. When you carry the Winfield 20-inch Spinner on board an airplane you can wheel down the aisle easily by turning the bag sideways and it will handle super well without knocking everyone in the arm as you pass by. No more having to lift your carry-on and carry it sideways just to get to your seat.The fifty/fifty split of the case makes it easy to divide your belongings for the long flight on board the cabin of an airplane. Take note of a simple single divider or partition to add some separation and organization pockets to the uprights. A set of tie-down straps keeps your clothing in place and are less likely to wrinkle. The wide open access of the Samsonite Winfield Fashion Spinner makes contents easy to view.
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