Samsonite Savor Shopper Tote

  • Samsonite Savor Shopper Tote
    Samsonite Savor Shopper Tote
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    Take your next trip in unequalled style and distinction with the Samsonite Savor Shopper Tote.You will be delighted everytime you take this bag with you on your journey. Make a style statement without trying to. The Savor collection cuts a handsome profile while providing the lightweight travel smarts you demand. Weighing in at merely two pounds, this lightweight satchel will be easy to lift. The truth is though, with a back attachment strap you won't have to lift the bag when it piggybacks on top of your upright suitcase.Designed to make your life on the go easier and truly effortless, the Savor Shopper Tote has a front zipper pocket for the quick reach essentials. A top main zipper opening reveals a spacious interior with multiple interior zipper pockets and sleeves. We are finding many women prefer a shopper tote style for their second "personal item" as described by the TSA airport regulations. The satchel style allows gals to place the item under the seat in front of them on the cabin of an airplane. The tote offers easy to get to convenience and can house everything you need for a long flight.
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