Baggallini Compression Cube Set

  • Baggallini Compression Cube Set
    Baggallini Compression Cube Set
    Luggage And Bags
    Packing cubes are not a new idea, but packing cubes with style are. Introducing the new Baggallini Compression Packing Cubes that demonstrate your ability to choose both products with utility and beauty.Utilize three lightweight, water resistant cubes that hold everything from soup to nuts. Well, maybe the soup should stay home.Seriously though, packing socks, undergarments, toiletries, electronics, and anything else you need within packing cubes makes packing so easy. Mesh sides allow for easy viewing of contents and are tastefully interupted with a block of quality fabric. Fabric sides that are colorful and imaginative make the Baggallini Compresson Packing Cubes fun. Best of all, the packing aids are extremely lightweight.See product specs for each cube size dimension.
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