Samsonite Lift2 25-inch Spinner

  • Samsonite Lift2 25-inch Spinner
    Samsonite Lift2 25-inch Spinner
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    Take some fo the effort out of your next trip with luggage that won't weigh you down and can surive the rigors of life on the road with Samsonite's Lift2 25-inch Spinner.The Samsonite spinners feature four multi-directional spinner wheels which allow 360 degree upright rolling so there is no weight on your arm. The new Lift2 series has upgraded the wheels to a more substantial, ground hugging dual wheel system on each corner. This provides more stablity and better handling.As an industry leader in brand name recognition, when Samsonite introduces a second, follow-up line you know there will be a lot of buzz. The "buzz" about the Lift2. is the line's level of durability while maintaining an eye for sophistication and keeping the bags as light as any collection on the market. For example, this 25-inch Lift Expandable Spinner is just over eight pounds!While designing an incredibly light line, the Samsonite Lift2 has an outer shell which is an abrasion and tear resistant tri-core material. Recessed wheels are protected from harm by a smart design incorporating a full corner protectant. Even the telescoping handle and the side grab handle are fully recessed into the suitcase to guard these once susceptible components. You see, when wheels, handles, and zippers are designed to store flush and to not protrude out, the life of those components is greatly enhanced.With all this durabiility one might expect the bag to be on the weighty side. The opposite is true. The Samsonite Lift2 25-inch Expandable Spinner is semi-framed to lighten the piece in this very weight-conscious world of travel we live in. And don't think Samsonite had to cut back on features in order to maintain a light bag. Lightweight additives such as two exterior front pockets, one large interior pocket on the door, and two large, winged compression straps keep your garments from shifting.The company's revolutionary four-wheel, multi-directional wheels have just recently been strengthened. Four wheels allow push or pull action and greatly enhance maneuverability in tight quarters such as long lines, crowded elevators, and hotel lobbies.
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