Samsonite Inova 28-inch Hardside Spinner

  • Samsonite Inova 28-inch Hardside Spinner
    Samsonite Inova 28-inch Hardside Spinner
    Luggage And Bags
    The Samsonite Inova 28-inch Hardside Spinner is shaped for maximum packing space and has an unique single pole telescoping handle taking even less interior space that traditional two pole handles.Samsonite Luggage Company has designed lightweight luggage before it became a necessity in air travel and their Makrolon Polycarbonate Inova collection possesses the feather-like qualities they have made a living at for years. Understand Makrolon polycarbonate is one of the very best hardside materials made today. What you pay more for per yard of Makrolon is a high-tech polycarbonate designed for reliability and high impact resistance--even in extreme cold temperatures which is one primary reason Makrolon is so superior.Samsonite has removed or replaced any component within the Inova Spinner that might otherwise weigh down this eight-wheel spinner. The result is a large-size check-in bag weighing just nine pounds. You won't find many large, twenty-eight inch hardsides at under ten pounds.The inside organization is simple and unpretentious. A simple zip divider is a throw back to yesteryear when traditional hardside offered two equal sides and opened in the clam shell style. Travelers love this kind of bag years ago and still do today. The Samsonite Inova Hardside Spinner has 360 degree maneuverability and possesses eight wheels or two per corner to provide the most stability possible by having more surface area on the "road". Like a Jeep mud tire, luggage needs more surface area on the ground too in order to give a good ride.Other features include an elasticized tie-down straps, a TSA-approved fixed combination lock and a telescopic, push button handle system that takes less room on the interior than typical two stem handles. Add an exterior offering a very stylish painted brush-stroke appeal and you have another Samsonite classic for the business or leisure traveler.
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