Baggallini Cafe Tablet Case

  • Baggallini Cafe Tablet Case
    Baggallini Cafe Tablet Case
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    Baggallini's Cafe Tablet Case is perhaps the only cute, women-centric, tablet case on the market.So many tablet carrying cases are made for the masses that they don't stop to design something actually pretty for women. The Cafe Tablet Case is both stylish and functional. Made of Baggallini's legendary crinkle nylon, the fabric cover takes to dyes extremely well so you know the color offerings are gorgeous. In addition, the material is both lightweight and water-resistant to protect your investment. The material is easy to clean too with a damp cloth and a small amount of gentle cleanser.The Cafe Tablet Case provides extra pockets. A front zipper pocket has interior credit card slots and a large front elastic pocket will house you cell phone and pens. You'll have everything you need to venture to the local coffee shop in your home neighborhood or you can travel with your tablet safely with a well padded front and back enclosure. A 52-inch adjustable crossbody strap makes it easy to carry and when you're using your tablet for so many uses while traveling such as video recording, picture taking, journal writing, map reading, etc., it's great to have a secure strap to carry your cherished tablet safely.
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