Samsonite Aspire Gr8 Boarding Bag

  • Samsonite Aspire Gr8 Boarding Bag
    Samsonite Aspire Gr8 Boarding Bag
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    Samsonite Aspire GR8 Boarding Bag accompanies one of the best selling Samsonite collections the company has ever produced and perhaps the best value too! Aspire's Boarding Bag is indeed flyweight and full of features to make travel easier. For example, the front pocket stores last minute, carry-on items such as your ticketing, a newspaper and a magazine to read before boarding. A lined interior on the large main compartment is easily viewed with the wide opening design of the shoulder tote. This leaves plenty of room for a change of clothing, electronics, a box lunch or snack, toiletries, medical equipment, and your favorite paperback. Use two end sleeves for the water bottle and umbrealla.Comfort is another important aspect of any good luggage line and the Samsonite Aspire GR8 shoulder tote is equipped with an ergonomic top comfort grip handle for quick and easy grab-and-go. A comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap stays on your shoulder without worry or fuss. In the durability department the Samsonite Aspire Boarding Bag has a shell made of 1680 denier polyester to ensure years of use. Self-repairing zipper and large zipper pulls are standard equipment.
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