Baggallini Beijing Crossbody

  • Baggallini Beijing Crossbody
    Baggallini Beijing Crossbody
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    The Baggallini Beijing Crossbody is big enough for the essentials and then some, but small enough to keep you light on your toes!The lightweight cross-body can really do it all. The Beijing is a stylish bag for folks on the go who insist on traveling with travel purses that possess color and personality.The fully adjustable strap offers safe toting options such as wearing it in the crossbody style. Take it to work while at home or use it as your only day bag while on the road. The sleek design and timeless beauty of the Baggallini crinkle nylon put a pretty exterior on a bag that can carry your keys, wallet, cell phone, small tablet, note pad, pens, water bottle, umbrella, name it.In the way of smart pocketing, the Baggallini Beijing Crossbody typifies the company's approach to innovate. Look for pockets in every possible place - one on the front under the secure front flap, a slip pocket on the back and a main compartment with a top opening. Within there are card slots, a zippered pocket, a pen slot, and ample room for everything.The Beijing is light and soft enough to place into a larger carry-on tote so the purse doesn't count as your carry-on. Once you're on board an airplane or at your destination just pull out the Baggallini purse and you'll have your go-to bag for your trip.
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