Pacsafe Venturesafe 100 Gii Anti-theft Hip Pack

  • Pacsafe Venturesafe 100 Gii Anti-theft Hip Pack
    Pacsafe Venturesafe 100 Gii Anti-theft Hip Pack
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    The PacSafe VentureSafe 100 GII Anti-Theft Hip Pack is perfect for carrying those essential travel items without being weighed down. This big-enough-for-a-guide-book hip pack is perfect for those waist pack type of travelers who choose to roam the streets and sites assured their personal information is safe from would-be identity thieves.Thanks to PacSafe adding a new RFIDsafe blocking pocket, you can worry more about having fun rather than whether someone is stealing your personal information. You see, one of several anti-theft features of the VentureSafe Hip Pack includes a new RFIDsafe blocking pocket to repel bad guys with radio frequency identification scanners trying to steal your information off of your passport or credit cards. If you're not yet aware of this threat, we urge you to "Google-it" and discover how this threat is indeed a reality.For those who prefer a waist pack style, but worry about pickpockets, the VentureSafe 100 is a must-have. The roomy main compartment is big enough for a guide book and all of your day's stuff like a digital camera, small trip diary, lip gloss, candy bar, etc. A front organizer pocket will provide a place for everything.The unique combination of the PacSafe VentureSafe lies in it's handsome styling and clever anti-theft design. Without looking like a flea market "fanny pack" the more sophisticated hip pack looks ready for the cathedrals and museums of Europe, yet it doesn't look like a target for bad guys either.For example, Pacsafe places several more anti-theft features in the anti-theft waist pack such as a eXomesh Slashguard wire running throughout the bag in front, side, and bottom panels. This clever design of running lightweight metal wire between the VentureSafe's lining and exterior fabric makes it extremely difficult to be slashed open. Second, another metal wire is placed in the slashproof, adjustable shoulder strap. Third, the strap allows the bag to anchor to a secure fixture. And finally, tamperproof zippers keep sticky hands out of your bag and away from you valuables.Add up the best in waist pack security features with smart organization and lightweight material and the PacSafe VentureSafe 100 GII Anti-Theft Hip Pack may very well be the best hip safe in the world.
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