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    Pacsafe Toursafe Exp 34
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    Attention seasoned packing light travelers: there's a fresh new idea in lightweight luggage from PacSafe company. The TourSafe EXP 34 is a secure, soft-sided, semi-collapsible carry-on piece loaded with anti-theft security features just introduced to the word of travel.If you've been a victim of someone entering your luggage in transit, in your hotel, or elsewhere, you'll appreciate the extra security features of the new PacSafe TourSafe EXP 34. For example, they've introduced a puncture resistant ToughZip zipper that can't be penetrated with such common sharp objects as a ball point pen. Believe it or not, bad guys can place a pen into the teeth of 95% of luggage and simply spread the zipper open. It's literally that easy for them. With the new TourSafe collection's ToughZip zipper it becomes a ton more difficult. And we all know thieves prefer the easy prey.A second new anti-theft innovation is PacSafe's Roobar anchor lock on the main compartment. Only one padlock is required to lock and secure multiple compartments with this clever design you'll only find on PacSafe's new luggage series. A flap cover will disguise the locking system and provide a temporary hold or jacket for the mechanism. You have to see our feature point images to get a more clear picture of this design, but it takes only a few seconds to secure or open and it offers the maximum protection into your baggage. Here is how it works: A turning mechanism locks the anchor lock in place. This lock slides open to allow removal of multi-compartment zipper pulls, slashguard anchor straps and the locking cable. The entire Roobar anchor lock weighs a few ounces and provides a ton of security and peace of mind.Additional anti-theft features include PacSafe's traditional Xomesh protection deterring gear from coming out if your bag is ripped on your adventure or while in transit. This Xomesh is a traditional wire lacing PacSafe places in almost all of their handbags, backpacks, and purses. Proven highly effective for years by arming bags with a wire laced mesh through the body of a bag underneath the exterior fabric. This same anti-theft technology is integrated into the new TourSafe series. We know travelers are going to appreciate these innovative luggage ideas warmly and they'll be safer throughout their travels for it.Okay, that a lot of description of security featues--how about the rest of the bag? Well, the PacSafe TourSafe EXP 34 is lightweight for starters. Weighing in at merely eleven pounds, it is lightweight in spite of all the anti-theft components and the fact it is a tall, narrow, thirty-four inch upright suitcase. For pocketing, you'll find a front zippered pocket large enough for a magazine, a tablet or a thirteen-inch laptop. The main compartment comes with simple organization and large mesh pocket. A drawstring compression cinch material makes it easy to reign in an overpacked load.The exterior fabric is a tear and abrasion resistant nylon with a water and stain resistant coating. Multiple side compression straps keep you bag within airline carry-on restrictions and reigns in an over-packed bag. If you're one to appreciate good wheels you have to see the large, quality wheels and incredible corner guard protectant on this baby. It is serious protection for a beefy wheel. Padded top and side haul handles make it easy to lift overhead or out of the trunk. Finally, the side mounted, smooth rolling wheels look tough and rugged and they most definitively are!
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