Baggallin Flat Fold Organizer

  • Baggallin Flat Fold Organizer
    Baggallin Flat Fold Organizer
    Luggage And Bags
    Clever is the only way to describe the Baggallini Flat Fold Organizer. The go anywhere hanging organizer is guaranteed to get your undergarments, socks, ties, scarves, bathing suits, and sundries organized on the road. The lightweight hanging kit has eleven clear pockets to hold all of your toiletries and can be viewed easily for your convenience as well as airport security personal. The detachable bottom pocket is perfect for short trips and for taking your toiletries to the bathroom. The back pocket provided is ideal for lingerie or perhaps as your roaming laundry pocket until somebody volunteers to do the laundry. Convenient swivel hook hangs on doorknobs, towel racks, countertops and shower rods. Made of featherweight polyester material, the fabric is water resistant and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.May we mention the Baggallini Flat Fold Organizer is the second generation to the original best selling, Baggallini Hanging Organizer. We like this one at least as much because the company has more than doubled the pocketing and given travelers a ton more options to give order and stability to their travel gear.
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