Pacsafe Rfidsafe 75 Rfid-blocking Neck Pouch

  • Pacsafe Rfidsafe 75 Rfid-blocking Neck Pouch
    Pacsafe Rfidsafe 75 Rfid-blocking Neck Pouch
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    PacSafe's RFIDsafe 75 Neck Pouch is a smart choice in security wallets with the added protection of a slash-proof metal strap and RFID-blocking material.Don't worry, you won't feel the thin metal strap on your body. What you will feel is the security knowing your passport and the bulk of your money is stashed safely underneath your clothing. Pickpockets are very good in Europe and most of the world and when you wear the PacSafe Neck Pouch you can enjoy your day with nary a suggests wearing the pouch around the waist wear you won't have the material resting on your chest. In spite of the product's title, Neck Pouch, we tell our women travelers every single day to wear the pouch on the waist and you won't have a bulge under your clothing and it's just so much easier to get to. Who wants to dig out a security wallet under their shirt. Simply flip the PacSafe RFIDsafe 75 Neck Pouch out of your pant's waistline and get the big bucks out when needed. Try it. You'll thank us later.Many modern passports and credit cards contain RFID chips containing sensitive personal information. To protect you from unwanted people getting access to this data, Pacsafe's RFID blocking security pouches are designed with state-of-the-art material which blocks out transmissions and stops personal information from being accessed by identity thieves.
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