Pacsafe Metrosafe 300 Gii Anti-theft Laptop And Shoulder Bag

  • Pacsafe Metrosafe 300 Gii Anti-theft Laptop And Shoulder Bag
    Pacsafe Metrosafe 300 Gii Anti-theft Laptop And Shoulder Bag
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    Your bag transforms into a secure mobile office, thanks to the PacSafe Metrosafe 300 GII Laptop and Shoulder Bag's fantastic storage.Spacious enough for a 13-inch laptop or iPad and smart enough to be able to lock and leave it to a secure fixture, this bag is sure to become your can't-live-without travel companion. Now, PacSafe may lable this piece a "laptop bag", but we think you don't have to be carrying a laptop or tablet to use the MetroSafe 300. Think of it instead as a multi-faceted, versatile bag with lot's of capacity.The MetroSafe 300 Shoulder Bag incorporates urban styling and practicality with Pacsafe's traditional anti-theft features. PacSafe's new line of travel handbags have RFID protection built in a single interior pocket. The added bonus of an RFIDsafe blocking pocket ensures your identity and personal information stays personal. PacSafe has led the field and added a RFID safe-blocking pocket to safeguard your identity and personal information. If you're not aware, there are indeed bad guys out there with RFID readers they can purchase online. They can use those readers to steal your private information off of credit cards and American passports issued since 2006. This reality can be thwarted with the purchase of many PacSafe RFID protecting purses, handbags, fanny packs, and wallets.When you're out for the whole day and need extra storage that won't weigh you down, look no further than your Metrosafe 300 GII. An interior bright lime liner adds some fun and is bright enough to help you easily find what you need, when you need it. And yes, there is room for most 13-inch laptops and a tablet.The MetroSafe 300 is made with just the right about organized pocketing. For example, you find under the front flap a multi-pocketed, multi-sleeve, front pocket, one high capacity main compartment, two side pockets, and one more on the back for good measure. And you can carry on throughout your day without worry of pickpockets. As is PacSafe's primary focus since their inception, the MetroSafe features a slash-proof wire-reinforced shoulder strap designed to clip around a secure fixture to prevent it from being snatched. EXomesh Slashguard in the lower front, side, and bottom panels is wire-reinforced to prevent the slash and run tactics that can occur in this world. Finally, tamperproof zipper pulls provide a safety cell around your bag by securely clipping two pulls to a metal hook-and-loop closure.Dual end pockets will house water bottles or a travel umbrella. A set of pocketing features we think is essential.
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