Lug Flipper Jewelry Clutch

  • Lug Flipper Jewelry Clutch
    Lug Flipper Jewelry Clutch
    Luggage And Bags
    Don't get your baubles in a bunch while you travel. Get the Lug Flipper Jewelry Clutch instead.It's stacked with smart features like two soft-lined pockets, two removable zippered pouches, and two outer zip pockets. Plus, three innovative features really go above and beyond for your bling. First, the ring holder: a clever little padded strap that slides through your rings and snaps into place keeping them safe and secure. Second, the necklace organizers: smart snaps on either side of the clutch that hold your necklaces in place (No more knotted necklaces! Woohoo!). Third, the earring wrangler: a magic little mesh pouch. Just feed your earrings though the mesh to keep them organized and in place. In typical Lug fashion, there's more. With it's little wristlet this clever clutch doubles as an evening bag. Slip your cell phone in the front zip pocket for easy access, and search no more when it starts buzzing.
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