Kenneth Cole Renegade 20-inch Expandable Spinner

  • Kenneth Cole Renegade 20-inch Expandable Spinner
    Kenneth Cole Renegade 20-inch Expandable Spinner
    Luggage And Bags
    Kenneth Cole Renegade Expandable Hardside Spinner suitcase in the twenty-inch carry-on size is a real revolutionary. Value luggage will never be the same with this stylish, durable and lightweight collection.A sleek ABS Polycarbonate hardside exterior packs a tough approach, while multi-directional spinners take care of the ride. The verdict is in, spinner luggage is here to stay due to it's convenience, ergonomics, and ease of use. Coming in at price points that won't reduce your trip's budget, the Kenneth Cole Renegade series has two wheels per corner for greater stability and handling. It's important to note this feature of eight wheels total is new to this affordable price point. Other features not found in such affordable luggage is a full-featured interior offering convenient pockets for everything from shoes to accessories, plus garment restraints for a wrinkle-free arrival to your next destination. An expansion feature is another extra not always seen in even more expensive hardsides these days. You get approximately 15% more packing capacity that is well-needed after the trip's shopping sprees.The blended ABS polycarbonate is particularly sturdy and extraordinarily flexible--and it weighs just over nine pounds in this 20-inch spinner model. Reinforced corners help aid against cracking and airline abuse while side bumper guards keep the piece off the ground. A sturdy telescoping handle and the afore-mentioned eight wheels make the piece easy to handle in crowded elevators, airport ticket lines and hotel lobbies.
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