High Sierra At-7 30-inch Wheeled Duffel

  • High Sierra At-7 30-inch Wheeled Duffel
    High Sierra At-7 30-inch Wheeled Duffel
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    This next-generation High Sierra AT7 30-inch Wheeled Duffel provides the classic four compartment duffel so many travelers prefer to carry their gear, clothing, and lots more.The beauty of the entire AT7 line is how High Sierra managed to make this premier series their lightest. The large-size duffel weighs in at just under seven pounds to make this bag easy to handle even after you load it up.For pocketing features use an upper front pocket, designed to hold the last throw-in stuff right before you leave for the airport. A single end pocket has ample room for camping gear, soiled clothes you'll launder when you get home, or perhaps your hiking boots. The main compartment opens in a large u-shaped fashion and is easy to view and to pack.High Sierra is one of America's premier outdoor bag suppliers and in this long tradition, they have included a recessed, telescoping aircraft aluminum handle system with locking mechanism, inline skate wheels designed to be recessed and out of harm's way, and in between the wheels, you'll appreciate a tough bottom kick plate to protect the AT7 30-inch duffel from abrasion. An ultra-tough material in the gear bag will be the last of your worries once you hit the road.
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