Hang Cognac 360 Wheeled Tote

  • Hang Cognac 360 Wheeled Tote
    Hang Cognac 360 Wheeled Tote
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    Giddy up and let's go! That's what you'll say with the Hang Cognac Rolling Bag with Gold Studs and 360 degree, four-wheel maneuverability.The large wheeled tote with studded accents has that western chic look that we know you'll love. Try it out for the office, weekend getaway, or for everyday errands. Use it as a carry-on rolling tote too. Keep in mind this ample bag is too big to fit under an airplane seat the majority of the time, but can easily fit into the overhead space of most large commercial airliners.PackingLight.com is always striving to offer a plethora of options to fulfill the wide variety of demands of the woman traveler. The Hang Cognac bag is a four-wheel looker that offers the convenience of a spinner. As the fastest growing type of wheel configuration, the bag "spins" in a 360 degree manner so it will wheel down the aisle of an airplane without knocking elbows of your fellow passengers. So easy to maneuver anywhere including in crowded elevators, hotel lobbies, and airport security ticket lines, the Hang Cognac wheeled tote will become your new favorite travel partner.For those who travel with a laptop or tablet, the rolling bag includes a padded insert and several internal sleeves and pockets in the main compartment. Plus, utiliize a spacious front accessory pocket for the quick reach items.
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