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Gsi 18 Oz. Travel Flask

  • Gsi 18 Oz. Travel Flask
    Gsi 18 Oz. Travel Flask
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    The GSI 18 ounce Travel Flask is "essential gear" for many travelers. The only problem has been finding a dependable flask that won't leak.The GSI flask has a quality cap that screws on as tight as the one tightening down it's lid. In other words, we'll have to stop short of guaranteeing it's 100% leakproof due to the fact some may have a harder time screwing it completely shut as others. The point is that if you follow our old travel hint and push the air out while you screw down the cap, you'll find the flask won't leak. The lightweight flask has a large 18 fluid ounce capacity that maintains a slim profile and pours and sips with style. The travel flask comes with an ingenious single cap system with a handy "shot" top and it's easy-to-fill wide mouth design seals securely!The GSI Flask is excellent for backpacking, camping trips, ball-games, festive outdoor activities, and for trips to the duty-free shop overseas...
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